Lovely greeting cards for any occasion. Thick recycled paper, matte finish & nature friendly printing. All the good stuff. Designed, printed & wrapped in Copenhagen by My cool twin.

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Greeting cards for the emotionally challenged ...

Having trouble expressing how you really feel? Fear no more. With a card for every possible event, My cool twin has your back.

Available in multiple colors and combinations. If you feel like something's missing, please let me know.

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My cool twin

My cool twin does all kinds of stuff. Mainly all the stuff that I come up with, but I'm to scared to really do. So she's like .... really cool. And calm. And she does taxes too. Totally cool. Oh, and she never slips over the side curve like I do. Never.

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Shipping & currency

The shop is currently set to DKK and shipping within Denmark only. Please get in touch with My cool twin for purchases from other countries & whole sale requests. I'm sure we can find a way.

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My cool twin quit my day job.

Please buy cards.

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